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Gateway TestLabs Your Offshore Testing Partner
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Outsource Quality Assurance to India
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Gateway strengthens security testing service area with new expertise, tools and methods.

Gateway introduces Test Process Consulting service line.

Gateway Group of Companies bags the Amity Corporate Excellence Award – 2007, given by Amity International Business School.

Gateway bags long term testing engagement from a market leader in scientific search applications.

Gateway wins three performance testing projects from domains like sales management, logistics and travel.

Gateway forms a game testing team – hires game testing experts for MMORPG as well as desktop and mobile based games.

Gateway TestLabs - a global testing organization with test facilities in India and presence in Zoetermeer - Netherlands, Stockholm - Sweden, Aarhus - Denmark, Espoo - Finland, Houston, Irvine and Malvern - USA.

Mr. Pravin Kumar (Head Human Resources – DHL Logistics, India) joins Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. as Managing Director - India.

Gateway plans to move to an SEZ - by next year.

Gateway works for the renowned Reed Business, a business division of Reed Elsevier Group PLC, the world leading publisher and information provider.


Total Office Area
90,000 sq. ft. Ft. (8370 Sq. mts.) of owned fully equipped office space at our Software Testing Center in India.
Ahmedabad (India) office
Corporate office and Offshore Development Center (ODC)
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The Netherland office
Sales Office / Proximity Dev. Center
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Software Testing Center India
 Development & Testing Center
 Ahmedabad (India)  Netherlands & Belgium  USA
90,000 sq. ft. 3500 sq ft. 2500 sq ft.
500+ Persons 20 Persons 8 to 10 Persons
Offshore Development & Testing Centre, Corporate Management Group, Sales offices Proximity development centre, Sales Offices Proximity development centre, Sales Office
Hardware Infrastructure
  • 600+ full blown workstations for software development, testing and support facilities.
  • High-end workstations, cards and infrastructure for professional Multimedia work.
Multiple Hardware platforms
  • Sun E3500, E450, E250, 420R, Netra
  • Compaq DL 380, Alpha DS-10, Proliant
  • IBM
  • HP 9000
  • Dell GX Intel Servers
  • Intel Xion servers
Web servers/App servers
  • IIS, Apache,
  • Weblogic, Websphere, other J2EE servers
  • Oracle, SQL, DB2, MySQL
Operating System
  • All Windows including NT, Vista; Solaris
  • Linux Red-Hat and White Box, SUSE and DEBIAN, FEDORA CORE, AIX, HP-UX
Internal Training Facilities
In-house staff training facility to train 50 people at a time with LCD Projector (beamer), and other interactive tools.
Internet Connectivity
We have a dedicated leased line for all our development facility supported by a backup broadband cable link in case the leased line fails. All the facilities have dedicated dialup terminals in the offices in case of extreme contingency.
Dedicated Servers for Application Hosting, Testing and Client Presentation
For websites and application hosting, testing, client presentation and for sensitive data storage, we have co-location servers with one of the best data center in USA having multiple OC3 connectivity and all the latest Firewall installed.
  • Dedicated Windows 2000 Advance server with SQL Server 2000 support for ASP.
  • Dedicated Linux server with PHP4, MySQL support
  • Windows 2000 server with .Net Framework with SQL Server 2000 support.

We have an internal hosting server on Real IP for our clients to view the status of their development work on production servers at any phase of their development cycle thereby providing complete transparency in our facility. Apart from this we have a rack of servers at our development setup in India with 16 independent IP with Linux, NT, .Net, Java, ASP, MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle Support.

Communications Infrastructure
  • We use VOIP based phone to call into our clients globally and to receive calls into our office with local US numbers and toll free numbers for clients and potential customers globally.
  • We use online collaboration tools like web Ex and Goto Meeting for online demo, training, user acceptance and collaboration.
  • We have video conferencing facility for interaction of our team with our clients internationally.
  • 24 x 7 Voice over IP calling facility is available for cost effective calling to our clients globally for long discussions on projects.
  • From the front desk to the managing director most of our office team members are available on instant messengers making our team more accessible to our clients than their own team on a separate floor of the same building. Refer to client speak for what our clients say about our accessibility and speed of responding to their needs.
  • Our global offices are connected via PAP (Permanent Availability Protocol) setup which involves having a end to end connectivity between offshore setup and client / our offices with possibilities of voice chat, video conference, sharing a white board, remote installations, access into each other's networks, and a powerful CRM system which we use for continuous updating of day to day activities and efforts.
Contingency and Disaster Recovery
The physical infrastructure at all our development facilities has been planned in such a manner that practically nothing has been left to chance. All foreseeable contingencies have been taken into consideration and consequently have been planned for.

An offsite location with 30 seat capacity has been created for any kind of eventuality should the main center be rendered unusable due to any reason whatsoever. Power supply at the main center as well as the offsite location have inbuilt redundancies so that work is not at all affected due to disruption of power.

Accessibility and Security
Depending upon the criticality of the area and the services within, different types of physical and access restrictions have been imposed within the development centers so that our clients can be absolutely certain that their data, systems and processes and other confidential information, including IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) do not get circulated, inadvertently or on purpose.

For certain very sensitive projects undertaken by Gateway, we have implemented even stricter security systems, including isolation of the project area from the rest of the center, secured physical access to the project area and many more.

We have implemented Safe boot Data Security and Access Control software in our facility, which implements 1024 bit encryption to confidential and secured data of our client, which is in production and development servers at our facility. It secured data in removable media as well as on the hard disks. Safe boot also secures information flow through our mails to clients, which is one of the best products in its range.

We have deployed electronic card based access control systems

Location Restrictions Security Checks at Type of Surveillance
Ahmedabad, India An Authorization and approval process has to be followed in order to make any physical copies of various media within the premises or to carry them out of the premises. Access to the outside world through the Internet or other connectivity's is restricted. Even within that proper authorization has to be taken as per a pre-determined process. Main entrance of all the premises Electronic card based access control systems and biometric systems
Entrance to development centers, server and backup facilities. Physical, CTV and Electronic
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